Barcelona \\ Spain
Diputaci├│ 315, baixos dreta
08009 Barcelona
T +34934675695

Baghdad \\ Iraq
Hay Al-Wahda Dis.903/8 Yasamine
Bldg. Baghdad
T +9647814200118


AV62 Development & Consulting

is a Spanish firm created in 2012 in order to respond efficiently to the huge demand for urban development services in Eastern countries. AV62 Development&Consulting is a member and the leader of ES [ Eastbound - Synergy ] Consortium, formed by experienced professional companies and institutions, mainly from Spain, focused on the field of urban development and management.ES Consortium has the capacity to work at all levels of the urban development processes. We have a solid background after more than 30 years leading the urban transformation processes in Barcelona and in Spain.

In the last years our teams have been working intensively in the international context:
\\ since 2004 \\ Master Plans for different cities in Iraq including Samarra, Sumawa and Basra.
\\ 2010 \\ Participate in an international restricted competition for “Urban Renewal of Al Kadhamiya City” - Baghdad, Iraq.
\\ 2011 \\ Second prize for “International competition for Urban rehabilitation of Erbil Citadel Main axis” - Erbil, Kurdist├ín.
\\ 2012 \\ Draft Concept for Moscow City agglomeration development.
\\ 2012 \\ Master Plan for the Maravilha Port - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
\\ 2012 \\ First Prize for “International competition for Urban Renewal of Al-Adhamiya city” - Baghdad, Iraq.
\\ 2012 \\ First Prize for “International architectural competition for the National Museum of Afganistan” - Kabul, Afghanistan.
\\ 2013 \\ Master Plan for Xugong Island Urbanization - Shanghai, China.
\\ 2013 \\ Selected Team for the restricted “International competition for Makhachkala- Kaspiysk urban agglomeration development”.